Can't I just delegate some tasks to my Leadership Team and have them report to me?  How can I give my staff responsibility without abdicating my authority?    Doesn't building the capacity of my staff diminish my importance?

If these are some of the questions you've been asking with all this emphasis on "shared leadership" and "building capacity", then you've come to the right place.  IndistarConnect can help you answer these questions by connecting you with informative clips from Indicators In Action and Indicators Now, articles from professional journals, Wise Ways right in Indistar, and most important, the ability to engage your colleagues around the nation in asking questions, sharing your ideas, and discussing these ideas.

Let's begin by taking a look at a segment on the Principal's Role in the Leadership & Decision Making module in Indicators Now.  Specifically let's consider the indicator:    The principal develops the leadership capacity of others in the school.  As you're watching this clip, consider the difference between delegating responsibilities and developing capacity.  Are they the same?  If not, what's the difference? Jot down the variety of ways in which these two principals develop the leadership capacity of their staff members. Perhaps watch the clip with your Leadership Team or the whole staff and discuss these issues.

Principal's Role - Developing Leadership Capacity 1

Principal's Role - Developing Leadership Capacity 2

Want more ideas?  Do you want to hear from other principals and teachers who have great ideas to share? Visit Indicators Now. You can find a link to it on the Indistar Home Page. Then follow these steps to watch the entire ten minute segment.

  • Select the first module - Leadership & Decision Making
  • Select Principal's Role
  • Select  Play Video
  • Select Building Capacity in the right hand column where the pictures are located 
  • Let Rachel guide you thurogh this segment.

Still want more ideas to chew on with your staff.  Take a look at the  Wise Ways for this indicator.

Finally, there's an excellent article “How Principals Cultivate Shared Leadership”  in the October 2013 edition of Educational Leadership.  The author, Terry Wilhelm, provides some thought-provoking ways to build the capacity of your staff. Be patient. It takes time but it is well worth the effort! And please use IndistarConnect to share your ideas and gain insights from colleagues around the nation challenged with the same issues you are.



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