Last week we sent out a Summit Update and included a link to a survey focused on coaching in Indistar.  Thank you to the 21 IndistarConnect members who completed the survey.  Your responses will help us determine what content to present and how best to present it to meet your needs. 

 In addition, we really want to hear from many more of you, so as I present the results of the survey in this blog, please scroll to the bottom and enter your comments in the text box, and when you are done, click the Red Comment button below the text box.  We do want to know what you think!

The Results

 As you can see from the following chart/table, the respondents represent a broad range of Indistar users. The three “Others” are all coaches of one form or another.  The respondents represent 8 states and one organization.

Sixteen of the 18 people who responded to the statement, “My state currently provides coaching support” indicated that their state does provide coaching support. I heard a lot of comments at the Summit about coaching and many more questions. My impression was that establishing effective coaching is a challenge in many stats.  Based on my perception, I wonder if people who responded to the survey did so because their states do provide coaching and those who did not respond to the survey, did so because their state does not provide coaching.  Those of you reading this blog can respond in the comments section about your experience in your states. Having more comments would help paint a clearer picture about the extent of coaching in our Indistar states and issues surrounding this important component of implementation.

The responses to the statement about the ways in which coaching support is provided yielded an interesting mix of answers. There were between 3 and 9 positive responses to each of the options. This implies that no one model is right for every state.   It also suggests that this is fertile ground for conversations on IndistarConnect about how you provide coaching in your state.  Please comment below or add more detail about how coaching is supported in your state in the Your Reflections or Share Your Stuff sections. All you need to do is click the light blue plus sign on the right of each of these sections and start writing.


 The survey yielded consistent results with between 67% and 76% responding positively to the following three prompts:

  • I would like ADI/CIL to provide clear guidelines for hiring coaches.
  • I would like ADI/CIL to provide clear expectations for coaching and coaching comments.
  • I would like ADI/CIL to develop guidelines and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of coaches.

Many who responded to this survey stated that they provide coaching support. Does your state? If so, we’d like to know what you currently have in place.

  • What guidelines do you have for hiring coaches?
  • What guidelines or expectations do you have for coaches and coaching comments?
  • How do you currently evaluate the effectiveness of your coaches?

 Start the conversation by sharing your practices and tools! And if you haven’t yet developed those practices, share your ideas about what you would like to have included.

 Finally, we asked what other topics you’d like presented in IndistarConnect. Those who responded seem to want it all.  All choices were selected by between 42% and 68% of the respondents.  

In addition, one respondent posed the following question, which I’m going to post under the Discussion section because it’s a great question:

 There needs to be more emphasis on school improvement and less on school accountability. How do you get schools and districts to focus less on passing the tests and more on improving instruction?

I'm hoping there are many responses to this question because it is so fundamental to the school improvement work we are all engaged in.  Let’s hear your thoughts!

Finally, we asked how you would like the content presented.  In rank order, the responses were:

  1. Webinars (89%)
  2. Articles (74%)
  3. YouTube Videos (57%)
  4. Mini-courses (37%)
  5. Online Book Clubs (32%)
  6. Twitter Chats (16%)

 We’re really excited about these results.  Mark Williams, Maureen Mirabito, and I have already begun discussions about how to implement some of these options. 

 Interestingly, Maureen’s Blog this week has a link to an article on 22 Apps to Make Videos in the Classroom.  Click here to read her Blog, Ready To Start A Movement?

 Are you ready to start a movement?  We hope you are.  We hope you are ready to share your stories in whatever format works for you.  It’s the ideas and the community that matter! And we can’t do it alone.  We need you. Your ideas. Your enthusiasm. Let’s get started!


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