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Last week it was 20 degrees and cloudy when I sat down to write my article about the Six Things Achieving Schools Do. The article was inspired by the two days I spent in Rogers, Arkansas listening to educators from all levels and various roles talk about the transformations that were occurring in their districts and schools and how Indistar--it's format, research and practices--contributed to the change and improvement. Some of the transformations were sweeping--ways that cultures and operations and behaviors were shifting for the better. Some were slivers--one or two threads of change in practice that were beginning to unravel other practices that no longer worked. All mattered--sweeping or slivers, they represent moments of hard work, of change, of improvement.

I've been listening to the audio of the interviews over and over; have even written three of the six of them into articles already. They are so fun, and powerful, and overwhelmingly genuine. I can't stop thinking about one thing though: there are more. There are so many more stories.

Today, a week since last week's article, it is sunny and supposed to hit 65 degrees. The air is spring- damp, a chill but feels so warm in the direct sun. Birds have plenty to say; in just a moment, you know that things are changing. Every minute, they are changing.

So I wondered if we could create a movement of moments. A way of capturing your stories of change and success in easy and genuine ways. How Indistar has supported your efforts toward change and improvement--sweeping ones, slivers, even slants. 

Since this is a forum for providing you with Content You Can Use, I found an article that outlines 22 Apps to make Videos in the Classroom. I thought they were great and might be useful in storytelling as well as instruction. I've just downloaded one of them--Storehouse--to have some fun with and see where it leads. Maybe you can put them to use in telling about a moment of change and improvement in your district, your school, even your own practice.

Here's How the Moment Movement Could Work (I say could, because there really are no rules. Please share your ideas and suggestions):

  1. Think of the moment(s) you want to capture. Maybe it's answering the question, "Describe the moment you knew things were changing" or "What are you most proud of?" or "What is your favorite indicator of effective practice and how has it helped you to change and succeed?" Your story might be a broad, sweeping change or it might just be a sliver of change that you want to highlight (e.g. maybe you've recently implemented peer observation and want to share what that practice has meant for collaboration, instruction, and learning in your school). It just has to be your moment, your story, the one that is important for you to tell because you are proud of it, because you want to share it with others, because you want to inspire others. Whatever the reason, it's the moment you want to capture.
  2. Decide on your format and medium. Your moment/story might be just a word, a sentence, or a photograph, it might be pages long, or something else altogether. Maybe it's a video using one of the 22 Apps I just mentioned. Length or medium does not matter. Only requirement: it describes a moment (or moments) of success in your improvement journey.
  3. If you use Indistar, it would be great to include Indistar's role in helping you achieve that success. 
  4. Send it to me: or upload it on IndistarConnect in Share Your Stuff.
  5. Don't overthink it, just do it. We don't want perfection, just contribution and celebration.
  6. Let's get so many moments that we have to create a dedicated site just for our Moment Movement.

It's your moment. Share it!

photo credit: Moment of passion via photopin (license)

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