The Center on Innovations in Learning is pleased to introduce a new practice guide: The Personal Competencies Through the Eyes of the Classroom Teacher, by Suzanne Carreker and Regina Boulware-Gooden. This practice guide is based on the idea that students bring attitudes, aptitudes, and behaviors to the learning experience, what other CIL practice guides have identified as the four personal competencies—cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, social/emotional. These competencies help students coordinate and manage new learning and can be enhanced by teachers, but such enhancement in the classroom cannot be assumed. It depends on how well a teacher understands and uses his or her own competencies. So, this practice guide is designed to help teachers reflect on and improve their understanding of the competencies and how they can go about enhancing the personal competencies of their students. The guide’s appendices include theories of action and logic models. This new publication and the previous four guides in the personal competencies series can be freely downloaded at

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