In the video clip below, you will hear a principal share how teaming is scheduled into teacher practice. You will also hear her talk about what the meetings sound like--what is discussed, expected, and how the information is used.

As you listen, think about the following:

  1. Are there opportunities for teachers to regularly meet in our school to specifically discuss student learning and instructional strategies?
  2. Are the meetings as productive in improving teaching or learning as they could or should be--do they often result in a positive change in teacher growth and student learning?
  3. Is there room to improve? Ask your faculty: what would you love the opportunity to do more of or learn more about, collaboratively, if you had the time and support to do it?

Additional Resources

Here are a few more resources as you reflect on the quality and impact of leadership and instructional teaming in your school:

Structures for Success

Six Things I Want for Teachers

Teacher Teams Transform Schools

Call to Action

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in your team this year?

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