We spend a lot of time talking about leadership teams and instructional teams and the effective practices that guide them, so we were excited to find an article that lays out ten specific ways that that teachers reflect on them.

The suggestions aren't necessarily new or novel, but they are enough to get the discussion going in your leadership and instructional teams. We were even more excited that a few of the ways (like, blogging or uploading a video of an instructional practice) can be done right here on IndistarConnect. 

Here is the article: 


Here are some questions to get you started: 

How can we support teachers to be more reflective (individually and in teams) in their implementation of effective instructional practices, and...

How can IndistarConnect support us in supporting our teachers and instructional teams to be more reflective?

Here is the full list of indicators of effective practice for continuous improvement (the instructional-specific practices start on page 6).

Continuous Improvement Indicators of Effective Practice

Here is how you can ask me about creating a group or blogging platform for your instructional teams (private or public) on IndistarConnect:

1.  Send us a message (https://indistarconnect.ning.com/profiles/message/new)

2. Type in Maureen Mirabito (or Mark Williams or Larry Kugler)

3. Ask away!

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