Well this is timely. We're approaching the end of one year, the start of a next. If you're like me, and I bet some of you are, this might mean a new planner (or two) and maybe a goal setting sheet with nifty little boxes you can check off each day (see the free downloadable, below).

And of course, we're all familiar with the expression: Out with the old, in with the new. Which is great if you're talking about things like sheets or towels; maybe behaviors that aren't getting you where you want to be. 

But it definitely does NOT apply to things like, say, learning. Nope, where learning is concerned we definitely want that old stuff to connect with the new stuff. That's the topic of one of our final Habits You Need to Start (or continue. and definitely enable.): 

There are several indicators of effective practice related to this that you probably know pretty well:

  • All teachers review the previous lesson
  • All teachers clearly state the lesson's topic, theme, and objectives.
  • All teachers stimulate interest in the topics.
  • All teachers use modeling, demonstration, and graphics.

This short video clip provides some great explanations and demonstrations from teachers who put these indicators into practice. 

If you are interested in the entire course on Instruction that we've put together for Indistar users, you can access it here at Indicators in Action

You can also access just videos (aligned to the indicators) at IndicatorsNow.

As always, we'd love to hear how you are implementing these indicators in your school, district, even state. 

More Resources

We've been talking about the habits that really great teachers do all of the time. As with anything, habits become habits with daily practice and repetition. While you may choose one of the habits we've discussed, another indicator of effective practice that Indistar is built on, or something else altogether that you'd like to improve or change, this simple 2015 DAILY GOAL TRACKER is great for keeping that one small behavior part of your day, every day for 2015.  Before you know it, those small steps, well, they turn into strides. 

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