Here Are Mine. What are Yours?

Answer:      Paper + questions.

Question:    What are Maureen’s two (borderline, non-living) obsessions?

Recently, I shared an info graphic to depict the Personal Competency Framework for developing a student’s capacity to learn. Dr. Sam Redding describes them as “the roots of learning.” Our efforts to build these competencies, this capacity, he states, is intentional.

The personal competencies are malleable, and they are enhanced most effectively when given focus in the curriculum, school culture, and instructional practices.

Since one of my borderline obsessions is the creation and curation of really good questions, I thought it might be helpful to develop some (on paper) and demonstrate their relationship to each of the personal competencies. You will find them (more readable) in this second info graphic: Questions to Ask: Personal Competency Framework.

The questions certainly aren’t exhaustive and their placement isn’t cut and dry (definitely arguments for overlap), but they might help us with that intentional effort to build personal competencies in our students. Asking the right questions (and understanding what each question aims to build) is something we can start doing today.

Call to Action

Share your favorite questions and which competency they address.  Tell us what other strategies and practices you and your school use to build students' capacity to learn.

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