Getting To The Root of Root Cause Analysis


Happy New Year!  We hope the rest of this school year brings great teaching and learning. Toward that goal, we offer a link to an excellent webinar on Root Cause Analysis.  The webinar was presented by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Laboratory. The presenter is Roni Silverstein.  Roni is principal at an elementary school in Montgomery County, Maryland. She has lead two elementary schools through successful improvement efforts by focusing on root-cause analysis that involves the entire school, including staff, parents, and district office representatives. 

 The take aways (“Big Rocks”) that Roni focused on in the webinar are at the end of this blog. If these “Big Rocks” sound a lot like what you have been hearing from us at ADI for years, it’s not your imagination.  We work from the same set of research-based assumption about leadership, collaboration, and data-informed decision making. We all have a lot of data to analyze.  The important point and Roni’s focus is that we have to confront the impulse to make quick decisions based on limited data and assumptions that may point us in the wrong direction.  Through root-cause analysis, we ask significant questions and gather a more robust set of data to answer these questions. This process sets us on a more successful path that leads to improved teaching and learning.

 To watch the webinar, click this link to the Mid-Atlantic REL and scroll down to the "Webinar recording"  Click this link for Roni's PowerPoint.

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