Culture and Language Indicators



  1. The school provides training for all staff on local tribal history, culture, customs, and values.
  2. The school provides tribal mentors for non-Indian staff and others who request it.
  3. The physical appearance of the school reflects the tribal culture.
  4. The school provides professional development for teachers on how to integrate Native American culture and language into the curriculum.
  5. All teachers demonstrate in their lesson plans and materials that they have integrated Native American culture and language into the taught curriculum.
  6. The school includes tribal elders, speakers, and leaders in planning and providing school events that feature Native American culture, customs, and values.
  7. Tribal elders, speakers, and leaders are engaged as volunteers in the school and classrooms.
  8. The school staff includes one or more speakers of the community’s prevailing tribal language(s).
  9. The curriculum for all grade levels includes lessons on the accomplishments of Native Americans.
  10. The Leadership Team plans ways to infuse tribal customs and values into the school’s operating procedures, rituals, and activities.
  11. The principal and other school leaders demonstrate an understanding of tribal culture, customs, and values and model a respect for them.
  12. Parent education programs include Native American and tribal history, customs, values, and language(s).
  13. All students receive instruction in the basics of the prevailing tribal language(s) and an opportunity to use the language.
  14. The promotion of Native American history, culture, customs, and values is done in a way that engenders respect for the history, culture, customs, and values of other groups.

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