I cornered Ms. Pam Clark, then school improvement coach for the Augusta School District in Augusta, Arkansas at the 2015 Indistar Summit. She had just given a compelling presentation on Augusta's transformation from a struggling school and a "that is just how it is here" mindset to a dramatically improved achieving school with a "we accept no less than the best" mindset. This story, like Ms. Clark's presentation, gets deep into specifics--structures, practices, struggles, and challenges. It gets into the HOW. The entire reason IndistarConnect exists in the first place. This story is intended to inform and inspire any district and school that wants to learn how others get better and adapt the specifics into strategies that will work in their own learning communities.

I've included Augusta, Arkansas' story below. But We Don't Want It To End Here.

Every single person that I've interviewed, every principal, every teacher, every school improvement specialist, every leadership team that does what they do to improve instruction and make sure that every student achieves has agreed to go more in-depth with us on IndistarConnect. They are willing to share, demonstrate, and model what they do--big picture down to specific, nitty gritty data-driven decision making processes and communication practices--for you. The medium will be determined based on your interests. 

As you plan and prepare for making next year the best year yet for your learning community, we can promise you that these honest stories of struggle, celebration, success, and achievement from every one of the schools that we've interviewed will give you specific ideas and strategies that you can put into action.

Think of this as our own instructional teaming space where we can collaborate to solve problems, share ideas, and engage in on-going professional learning. 

So, as you read these stories (we'll be posting more so keep coming back) let us know in the comments section or by direct email to me, Maureen Mirabito, what about it you would like to know more about--if there are questions you would like to ask, demonstrations you want to see, practices you need to know more about--we will make it happen for you, here.

Be inspired and informed by the Leadership Team in Augusta, Arkansas here: Augusta Arkansas Journey Toward Improvement.

And be sure to check back soon for another story of improvement.

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